Business plan feedback

At i2b, every complete business plan that is uploaded receives free feedback from two individual experts.


Registered users have the opportunity to have their business plan appraised by our volunteer experts.


This is how it works:

1 Registration

To be able to avail of all i2b services – including the professional feedback – please register here.

2 myi2b

Logged-in users can upload their finished business plan in the myi2b area and submit it for feedback.

3 Create a business plan

In the myi2b menu, click on “Create a new business plan” under “Business plan”, enter information and upload the finished business plan in PDF format .

4 Submit for feedback

You can submit your uploaded business plan directly for feedback. You will receive a confirmation email and feedback from two individual specialists within a few weeks.

5 Implementing the feedback

Our experts give you detailed feedback on the individual chapters, which you can implement in your business plan. Once your business plan has been updated, you can resubmit it for feedback!

6 Business plan competition

The i2b specialists’ feedback is the basis for participating in the i2b Business Plan Competition . The lower the score on your business plan, the greater the chance of winning the competition!