Conditions of participation for the i2b competition

  • Eligible to participate are those start-up projects that have (planned) their company headquarters in Austria. Theoretical business plans written at a university  as part of a lecture  are also eligible to participate.
  • Please note that any ideas that have already been implemented in business before January 1, 2023 are  excluded  from participating in this year’s i2b business plan competition.
  • Business ideas and projects that have already received awards in the i2b business plan competition are also excluded  from participating again. An exception to this regulation is made for  projects in the student category, provided the re-submission is in one of the remaining categories “service, trade, commerce”, “technology” or “business succession”.
  • i2b accepts no liability with regard to the correctness of the statements made by the honorary experts and other individuals involved in the competition.
  • Participants shall not receive any reimbursement from the organisers for expenses incurred within the framework of the business plan competition.
  • i2b accepts no liability, if participants violate the rights of third parties.
  • i2b, its experts and its network do not provide any financing guaranteefor business plans participating in the competition.
  • i2b reserves the right, and the participants agree to freely andwithout giving reasons,to decide to publish the names of the winners and the topic of their submissions, as well as to cancel the competition at any time without giving reasons.


In addition to these general conditions of participation, further additional conditions shall apply to the special category Social Business:

Conditions of participation for the special category “Social Business”

The Social Business category shall include companies

  • whose primary organizational purpose is to solve a relevant societal problem.
  • that primarily achieve a positive social impact with their products and services.
  • whose corporate purpose is to maximize social or ecological benefits (social impact).
  • that provide the necessary income for a sustainable existence of the company after max. 3 years from market income (unlike NGOs).


Your business plan should answer the following questions in order to qualify for the special prize of  Social Business:

  • What is the social or ecological problem?
  • How relevant is the issue?
  • How much does the product/service offering help solve the problem?
  • How high is the degree of innovation?
  • Is there a right to or the possibility of scaling?


The best business plans will be presented to an expert jury consisting of representatives of the category sponsors, and this jury will determine the winning team.

Particular attention is paid to the following factors:

  • the business model
  • the desired social/ecological change
  • the level of creativity
  • the degree of innovation


  • the social/economic role-model effect and relevance.


The decision of the jury is final.


Vertraulichkeitserklärung i2b
Vertraulichkeitserklärung für Businessplan-Expert:innen