Terms of Use

  • The i2b business plan initiative is aimed at people who think like entrepreneurs and have innovative product and/or service ideas. These include, in particular, entrepreneurs, employees in companies, employees in research institutions, students, graduates from universities and technical colleges, scientific employees and professors.
  • i2b specialises in supporting the creation of business plans by people intending to found a company in Austria, or by students as part of a course at an Austrian university, for the marketing of product and service ideas from all areas of the economy.
  • i2b provides registered users with an online assistant for textual filling of business concepts. i2b is not responsible for the content written there.
  • i2b assumes no liability with regard to the accuracy of the specialist feedback from the voluntary experts.
  • i2b, its experts and its network do not provide any financing guarantee for business plans that have been created, submitted or awarded.