Every year Austria’s largest business plan competition offers cash and non-cash prizes with a total value of over €200,000. In addition to the prizes, the participants benefit from the extensive services offered by the i2b network, the exchange with other founders and, of course, the free and repeatedly usable specialist feedback. Together with our partner and sponsor network, we are constantly working on expanding our prize portfolio.

Below are some highlights from the prize pool:


A constant companion before and during the founding of a company is the need for financing.

An overall victory at i2b means that founders receive important support, not least in the form of €10,000 in cash.

iPad Pro

Die Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH which is a gold partner of the i2b business plan initiative and sponsor of the
“Technology” category, graciously provides category winners with an iPad Pro worth 

Full-page ad

The daily newspaper “Die Presse” serves as the media partner of the i2b business plan competition and provides all
prizewinners with a full-page advertisement (6 in total) to the value of €21,115. Consequently, start-ups benefit from the increased brand awareness in a high-quality environment.
All winners will also receive a six-month subscription to the “Presse” free of charge.

Hyundai for 3 months

How about a new car for three months? – For free! Roland Punzengruber,
Managing Director of Hyundai Import GmbH presented this offer to three prizewinners. All first place winners of the i2b business plan competition will receive a new Hyundai for three months in all-inclusive leasing. Total value: €9,000.

YESTech consulting voucher

Deloitte has launched a special consulting package called “YESTech”, which enables high-tech startups the opportunity to focus on their core business by bringing experts on board early and cost-effectively. Even i2b award winners from previous years were able to take advantage of the offer.
Voucher for YESTech consulting services worth 2,000.

Online Management Courses

Further education is also an important topic for company founders. However, time can be a very scarce resource, which often means that seminars, courses or even studies are therefore often postponed until later.
Danube University Krems counteracts this and offers the i2b award winner a selection of online management courses on the subjects of “Strategic Management & Competitive Analysis and Marketing Management” and “Managing People and Leadership”, as well as a face-to-face seminar in the area of “Business Planning”.
Total value: €11,200. Premium

Company founders are often true masters in their field. Luckily, there are also masterful solutions for other areas! The winner is treated to 3 years of Premium including invoicing, accounting and cash register, worth a total of €2,000.

Financing and Marketing Workshop

CONDA is the Austrian market leader in crowd investing, reporting over 20 million in financing volume and 10,000 crowd investors, and stands for high-quality financing campaigns with a large media reach. Start-ups, innovative SMEs, and real estate projects are all at the right place with CONDA and will find the ideal mix of financing and marketing for the implementation of their growth plans. The price includes a Financing and Marketing Workshop as part of a crowd investing campaign worth €2,500.

Photo Shooting

The right image can make the difference between success and failure at an early stage. This image is the picture that is formed in the minds of potential customers or investors. The i2b event photographer Klaus Morgenstern puts a team in the right light.
A service worth around €1,000.

Photo Shooting

In a world where images have an increasing presence in our everyday lives, a good photo makes all the difference in the presentation of products. Product photographer Dieter Brasch, sets the scene for the products of a winning team.
A service worth €1,000.

Brand workshop

The best corporate concept will be rewarded with a half-day brand workshop to define the brand story, including workshop preparation and analysis, all provided by one of the top names when it comes to advertising:
Value of the prize: €18,200

Printed materials starter package

Kontext Druckerei is an Austrian pioneer in digital printing and stands not only for exceptional products, but for maximum colour fidelity and precision. In accordance with their philosophy and objective of “Totality in Print”, Kontext Druckerei proudly creates individual solutions for the success of its customers, and so the i2B award winners will received 3 comprehensive printed materials starter packages. Value of each package: €1,500

Premium voucher

As a company founder, you will face many challenges and simultaneously be exposed to a wide variety of unpredictable risks. In addition to covering classic risks with “BUSINESS CLASS INSURANCE”, the team at “s Versicherung” now also offers protection against CYBER DANGERS with their new product knows as “CYBER PROTECT”. One award winner will receive a premium voucher in the amount of €2,000.