We are looking for reinforcements for our pool of experts!

We are constantly looking for volunteer experts who have experience in one or more areas i.e., starting a business, financial planning, taxes, law, marketing, sales or specific industry know-how, and who are willing to share this experience with future company founders.

What contribution can you make?

We are constantly looking for experts who would like to share their know-how with future company founders to provide specialist feedback. Our experts examine the submitted business plans and give their feedback with the help of points and constructive comments.

That expert feedback should give the participants the opportunity to revise their business plans in terms of form and content.

The assessment by the experts is the first step towards the best business plans award at a large public event in December.

How can you give your feedback?

If you have been assigned a business plan, you will receive a notification from us by e-mail. The business plans are viewed, assessment and commented on exclusively via the i2b platform. Here you have the opportunity to view the business plans assigned to you for assessment, and then to evaluate and comment on them using a predefined scheme.


In order to enable rapid feedback, we kindly ask that you view and submit/reject the business plans allocated to you within three days, and then complete the evaluation of those plans within three weeks after allocation.


The business plans are allocated on the basis of the various areas of expertise:


from classic areas such as services, trade, crafts and commerce, to the more technological topics such as e-business, life science or biotechnology. Just let us know in advance how many business plans you want to work on and how many you can do.


What can we do for you?

The experts who work for i2b do so free of charge. However, as a thank you for your dedicated work, we offer all our experts the opportunity to showcase their profiles on our website. You can also register for selected events  where you may exchange ideas with other experts and the i2b network and thus make & maintain contacts.

If you would like to become part of our expert network, please contact us!

BA Nicole Kus

+43 699 189 737 28