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Just 4 steps to the business plan competition

Every year i2b organizes Austria’s largest business plan competition. You can win prizes with a total value of over €200,000.


The i2b competition offers you a large stage on which you can showcase yourself and your business idea. And it’s not just your idea that gets recognition, but also your business model.

1 Submission

Submit your final business plan by September 29, 2024. This means that you upload your finished business plan to the i2b platform by this date and click on the “Submit to competition” button.

More information on the submission process.

2 Experts panel

The submitted business plans are ranked and presented to a panel of experts. The jury reviews the business plans, checks the plausibility of the evaluations and ranks them.

The jury also nominates the winners of the special prizes “Business Succession”, “GreenTech” and “Social Business”.

After the expert jury, the finalists in the individual categories are invited to the final; all others are sent a cancellation by email.

The expert jury usually meets two weeks before the final.

3 Invitation to the final / pitch

The best business plans in each category will be invited to the final / pitch on  November 19, 2024. Here, the teams will have the opportunity to pitch for a place on the podium in front of a panel of experts.

4 Award ceremony

At the award ceremony on 5 December 2023, the teams will find out which place their business concept has achieved. In addition, special prizes will be awarded in various categories and the overall winner will be chosen across all categories.

More about the prizes

The i2b business plan competition consists of two evaluation rounds:

Professional Feedback

Every submitted business plan receives feedback from two individual experts and then receives a score. This serves as a tool for ranking the business plans for the competition, whereby the lower the score, the higher the chance of being successful in the competition.

Final / Pitch

An internal expert jury will determine the 5 best business plans in each category, all of which will then be invited to the final. At the pitching event, a jury of around 40 will judge each presentation according to its market potential, the founding team, financial feasibility, and the pitch.

The final score and thus the ranking of the individual teams in the three categories of the i2b Business Plan Competition is determined 50% by the expert feedback on your business plan and 50% by the presentation evaluation at the final.

The winners of the i2b Business Plan Competition are honoured at a large, high-profile awards gala with prizes totalling over 200,000 euros.

i2b business plan competition – award ceremony 2023

Booklet of the 2023 finalists and sponsors

Booklet i2b Prämierung 2023

i2b business plan competition – Awards 2022


i2b business plan competition – Awards 2021

i2b business plan competition – Awards 2020

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