GreenTech special prize for sustainable and innovative concepts

The special GreenTech prize, worth €2,ooo, is awarded by the aws in the course of the “Technology” category. With its “GREEN Seedfinancing” focus, the aws also promotes seed and preseed projects with an environmental focus in accordance with the criteria of the EU’s Green Deal. This focus is part of the Preseed and Seedfinancing funding programmes, so the requirements of these programmes also apply to GREEN submissions.

The GreenTech Special Award is primarily aimed at start-ups that are active in the fields of action of the EU Green Deal. Those who research and have founded (among others) in the following areas can submit their own business plan:

  • Biodiversity
  • From farm to table
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Clean Energy
  • Sustainable Industry
  • Buildings and renovation
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Reducing pollution
  • Climate neutrality of the EU by 2050

However, other areas are also appropriate, such as “direct” green technologies. These are all forms of renewables, such as heat pumps, but also energy and CO2 storage technologies. The topics of electromobility, environmental technology, recycling and hydrogen should also be mentioned here. In parallel, there is also “indirect” research funding, i.e. areas that fuel the “Green Deal”, for example through new software or via detours with new hardware. These include IoT technology in the waste sector, AI for wind energy support, complete systems for insect breeding, new solutions for refuelling e-vehicles, analyses for plastic recycling or inflatable solar concentrators, to name just a few ideas and fields of application.


“The European Green Deal includes an action plan to promote a more efficient use of resources through the transition to a clean and circular economy, the restoration of biodiversity and the fight against environmental pollution,” aws accordingly promotes start-ups or business plans that fit the above-mentioned areas of responsibility.